Words can fly.

LindseyParkerNovak.com is the website I designed for Lindsey to highlight her services as a life coach, editor, writer & more.  She had already established herself as a nationally syndicated columnist with her "At Work" column. But she has branched out beyond that.

NOTE ON WEB SOFTWARE:  If you look at Lindsey's site, this is in Weebly.  If you, look at my DwightOkita.com site, that is in Homestead.  Which should you use?  Weebly is more template-based, good for simpler designs, and more user-friendly to do your own updating.  Homestead is more free-form, able to do more unique & complex sites, and requires some moderate tech skills if you want to do your own updating (or I can do web maintenance for you).  Both of them require a subscription to their web service, and a domain available through the service.

Lindsey wanted a site that would express her passion for helping people and empowering them.  She also wanted to use software that was simple and user-friendly.  I felt that Weebly was the best choice.  She gave me a sense of the type of imagery she wanted for the site -- the Northern Lights was perfect.  I shared with Lindsey how to edit and update her site and I'm glad to see she has taken the site and run with it. She's made it truly her own with text like:  "At 7 years-old, I wanted to be St. Bernadette. Career and Life Coaching is as close as it gets."

Please click on her site below to take a peek!  
Website Examples.
Cool. Affordable. Customized.
The examples above give you a sense of the kind of websites that I design, and the range of clients I work with.  
Prices vary by project, but here are some ballpark numbers. These are great prices for the market.  To make it more affordable, the design fee is essentially a flat fee.  But if extra design hours are needed, I will let you know. 

I may ultimately move away from flat fees to an hourly fee, since most projects seem to take longer than estimated.

NOTE:  I tend to work with individual artists, or small businesses and nonprofits.  The prices below reflect that.  

WEBSITES, 4-5 pages:  the ballpark is $500 
(Based on the website design taking about 20 hours. 
Extra hourly charges may apply.)  I also show you how to 
edit your own site to avoid maintenance fees.


One-Page Website:  $150.
Three-Page Website:  $300.
Four-Page Website:  $400.
Five-Page Website:  $500.

HOURLY DESIGN RATE: $25 an hour.
WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: $20 an hour, billed monthly.  I most often use Homestead or Weebly for software.  Weebly is easy for clients to update themselves.
CASE STUDY: Here's a website 
I designed using Weebly.com.
How much for a website design?