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RADIANCE REIKI is the new website I designed for Charles Gamble to launch his Reiki healing practice.  We already had a good working relationship because together we lead the popular Meetup group MEN CUDDLING MEN (Chicago).

Charles wanted a site that would express his passion for Reiki healing and that would be unique.  He also wanted to use software that was simple and user-friendly.  I felt that Weebly was the best choice.  Charles gave me a sense of the type of imagery he wanted for his site -- from a contemplative man sitting at the end of a dock to colorful soap bubbles floating in a breeze to a handsome photo of his Reiki studio.  I taught him how to edit and update his site.

Please click on his site below to take a peek!  Feel free to leave comments for him and to book a Reiki session.
Website Examples.
Cool. Affordable. Customized.
The examples above give you a sense of the kind of websites that I design, and the range of clients I work with.  
Prices vary by project, but here are some ballpark numbers. These are great prices for the market.  To make it more affordable, the design fee is essentially a flat fee.  But if extra design hours are needed, I will let you know. 

I may ultimately move away from flat fees to an hourly fee, since most projects seem to take longer than estimated.

NOTE:  I tend to work with individual artists, or small businesses and nonprofits.  The prices below reflect that.  

WEBSITES, 4-5 pages:  the ballpark is $500 
(Based on the website design taking about 20 hours. 
Extra hourly charges may apply.)  I also show you how to 
edit your own site to avoid maintenance fees.


One-Page Website:  $125.
Three-Page Website:  $300.
Four-Page Website:  $400.
Five-Page Website:  $500.

HOURLY DESIGN RATE: $25 an hour.
WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: $20 an hour, billed monthly.  I most often use Homestead or Weebly for software.  Weebly is easy for clients to update themselves.
Here's a new website   I designed using Weebly.com.
How much for a website design?