Words can fly.
This section is devoted to the creation of short-form videos for a YouTube audience, and blogs for all occasions.  

I've done some great memorial videos to honor the lives of those who've passed.  I do great video portraits of the living too.  Couples, friendships, colleagues, groups of all kinds.  And I've done thrilling book trailer videos to promote forthcoming novels.

Over twenty years ago, I decided to make my first video.  It was to be a poetry video based on one of my poems.  The video was created for a local cable station.  Then Public Television's "Image Union" picked it up.  The Chicago Reader and the Chicago Sun-Times both ran feature stories the same weekend.  NPR did a whole show on the radio about poetry videos as a new art form.  I even got interviewed on the Fox Evening News.  

The great thing about videos, books trailers, YouTube...is that everyone's doing them.  Why not do them a little better than the average Jane or Joe?
I can create videos for any event of your choosing.  How about a video to thank a friend for their lifelong friendship?  Or a video to celebrate a life in music and motion at a memorial service?  Videos can make be composed of photographs, video clips, audio, music, subtitling.

I'm especially interested in video projects which require a creative touch.  Since I am a writer, I am good at helping clients put things into words -- whether in the form of a voiceover or onscreen title.

-- I'm able to create compelling juxtapositions of imagery with text.  Whether the style needs to be corporate and professional, or artsy and unusual.
-- I have a strong instinct for editing footage to music in a way that maximizes the inherent drama in a video.
-- My videos continue to engage viewers on many levels -- visually, musically, textually, emotionally, intellectually -- so that they become immersed in the moment of the video. 
This is a book trailer I made for steampunk author Alison DeLuca for her trilogy THE CROWN PHOENIX SERIES. I used software from Animoto. Hope you like it.

I started blogging in earnest two years ago, after a family member suffered a stroke.  
The blog was very useful and very specific.  It was created to keep several friends and family informed on the changing medical conditions of my brother Clyde.  It also included photographs and videos as well which documented his progress.  On a lighter note, I've also blogged as a way to track my progress in novel writing contests, as well as to share my opinions on the many movies that I watch.  Traditionally, blogs have regular posts and try to attract a large, regular following.

But these days, blogs can also be created for a one-time special use.  They are more elegant that Evites; a lot more elegant than emails; cheaper than using Constant Contact. Here are some samples.  
This was a more traditional blog to keep friends and family in the loop after my brother's illness.  Posts were made on a weekly basis. 
This blog was created to launch a new business. It was sent out to 200 addressees.

This is a book trailer I created to raise awareness of my forthcoming novel THE HOPE STORE. I used Windows Moviemaker as my editing software for both videos on this page. I also use Animoto.  

I wrote the text for the video, found an appropriate music track, photos, and stock video clips. The clips of the falling water droplet are from a DVD I bought of water images from Footage Firm.

Prices vary by project, but here are some ballpark numbers.  These are great prices for the market.  To make it more affordable, the design fee is essentially a flat fee.  But if extra design hours are needed, I will let you know. 

I will likely be moving away from flat fees to an hourly fee, since most projects seem to take longer than estimated.

NOTE:  I tend to work with individual artists, or small businesses and nonprofits.  The prices below reflect that.  I also can work with more professional or corporate-type businesses.  Those prices would be likely higher based on the amount of design and tech involved.

VIDEOS, 2-3 minutes: 
the ballpark is $300 - 550 (or about $30 an hour)
(The average video design takes about 14 hours which is $420.  This varies a lot. Extra time or less time may be needed to get music permission, fine-tuning text, number of images needs, media conversion, etc. )

the ballpark is $250
(Based on the blog design taking about 8 hours).  
Extra hourly charge may apply.)

BLOG HEADER for an existing blog:  $75

Videos & Blogs.
In the ballpark.
This is a video I created when I was a finalist in the Amazon novel contest.