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Web Clients.


SARAH CUDDLES, professional therapeutic cuddler Sarah Spector

LINDSEY PARKER NOVAK, life coach & syndicated columnist

RADIANCE REIKI,​ Charles Gamble and his Reiki healing practice

GEORGE NELSON, gay buddhist punk rocker specializing in buzzgoth

DR. KIMBERLY BUNTS, assistant professor in Dubai and world-wide

DANNY POSTEL, international man of mystery/ journalist/ adventurer

IRENE'S HOME, a Chicago nonprofit for single mothers with substance abuse issues

PC DESIGN STUDIO, a dental laboratory devoted to making perfect crowns

ANNE MCGRAVIE, award-winning Scottish American playwright

ALZHEIMER DIARY, for the launch of Michelle Montgomery's memoir

​AVEC PLEASURE, an Australian-based agency for int'l arts tours


DWIGHT SORA ACTOR REEL: 4 clips from films & videos for casting agents

ALISON DELUCA, a cool book trailer for steampunk novels series

OPTIBALANCEPET FORMULAS, 3 videos for flower essences to enhance pet behavior

RUSSELL WILEY IS OUT TO LUNCH, 2 videos to launch Richard Hine's debut novel

MEMORIAL VIDEOS, in memory of Oskar V's mother, Patsy Okita, & Nobi Morita 

THE HOPE STORE, book trailers announcing Dwight's new novels​