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Web Design.

Dear Authors/Musicians/Artists, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Small Nonprofits & such:

I'm basically a self-taught website designer.  I have been designing, creative websites for about 15 years. After people started asking me to create sites for them, I decided to start designing them for others too. When I worked in advertising as a copywriter, I got to work with art directors for a few seasons.

The website you are using has had well over 10,000 vistors over the years. Homestead.com is one web building software I like to use.  But if you want me to use a software that's newer to me like SquareSpace, etc. it may take me a bit longer. I have done a music-based site using ReverbNation.com software for buzz-goth singer 2Loose. I have done a website for an individual in Melbourne providing international arts tours. I create the site using Blogger.com per her preference. It generally takes about four weeks or less to complete a design, and make adjustments.

As you can see by my client list above, I've worked with individual artists and writers, emerging nonprofits, small businesses.   I've done monthly maintenance of websites for some clients.  I prefer to not to deal with pre-purchased custom domains. It's best to purchase a custom domain from whatever website building software we are using.   

Most clients prefer to save money and update their own websites, and so I don't use HTML coding to create sites. I use software that is user-friendly. Most of the websites I do contain about five pages or so.  If you're looking for a 20 page site, or a site that is to be used heavily for selling products -- I might not be the man for the job. I love to make websites that are vibrant and beautiful that capture the spirit of my clients.